Ms Deborah Webster-Bain


My name is Deborah Webster-Bain and I have been a registered nurse involved with critical care Nursing for the past twenty four years. Around six years ago, I became frustrated with the lack of holism with the Western medical practice, and became interested in other medical modalities. This led me to investigate the ancient treatment of acupuncture.

The main difference between Western medicine is the basic theory of the Chinese that there is a life force called Chi energy and when this energy force is imbalanced there is illness.

The theory of Acupuncture, which has been in constant use for the past 5000 years seemed to me to make a lot of sense as it takes into consideration the body mind and spirit aspect of our lives and does not seperate each aspect. In 1995, I completed my Diploma of Acupuncture. I then travelled to China and visited several of their lager hospitals in Beijing.

Acupuncture is considered just another treatment form that can be utilised for a variety of illnesses and patients receive treatment with Acupuncture as well as receiving Western medical treatment depending on the patient's medical condition. The two treatment modalities often compliment each other.

Over the past six years I have been able to help a lot of patients with their pain management and also help them to address some of the emotional issues that also occur when one is suffering from constant pain. This is because Acupuncture also release the "happy hormones" called endorphin's which can help to offer patient's a pill free way of pain relief that is often very long lasting. There is rarely a case where Acupuncture cannot do some amount of rebalancing to assist the patient to deal with their symptoms better and therefore feel better in themselves.

I am extremely pleased to now be included as one of the Registered Nurse Acupuncturist's for the Endometriosis Care Centre Australia. I look forward to being able to offer women with endometriosis my expertise in both Nursing and Acupuncture at my clinic in Reservoir.