Mrs Linda Wilson

Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture.

My interest in Asian cultures/people was first sparked as a child in Alice Springs when a Philippino family moved next door. I have distinct memories of being fascinated by their looks, food and culture. Later in my life I travelled and lived in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. Most recently my travels have been to China for a study course.

Throughout my travels I got a sense that there were other ways of viewing the human body, health and disease.

My curiosity has always taken me to see practitioners outside the western medicine paradigm. My decision to pursue Traditional Chinese medicine came about through my involvement with the student arm of the whole Health Institute. This was a group of students from all health modalities who got together on a social level to learn about each other’s form of health care. This group was specifically aimed at getting to know each other rather than as the profession we practised and to breakdown the barriers between professions for the benefit of all. When I first heard about ecca I was delighted to know that on of the philosophies was to incorporate a variety of health care modalities.

I currently have two practices in Cranbourne and Upwey, Victoria.

This is my great attraction to ecca a multi disciplinary approach is long overdue for all professions, but especially for clients. I have a great interest in education and presentation work as I see this as a professional responsibility, I also thoroughly enjoy it. This is what drew me to the Graduate Diploma through Deakin University. Women’s health in general but especially reproductive health especially close to my heart as I am at an age myself where I am looking at pursuing a family. Some of my most wonderful clinical experiences have involved seeing a caesarean section performed using acupuncture for pain control. Inducing my sister’s first child and assisting at the birth. I have also assisted several women with induction or breach presentations using acupuncture. Women’s gynaecological health is an enormous area within the TCM framework. Education is vital as people can only make choices if they have information I am currently pursuing speaking at the VIEW Club, Kiawani’s, Country Women’s Association, and the Casey Business Development Group.

Having just moved house my passions at the moment include unpacking1 my second clinic is also within my residence and this presents special challenges. I enjoy TaeBo, Yoga and walks with my Husband.