Ms Jill Griffiths

Clinical Masseur

Jill Griffiths attended the Victorian School of Massage, graduating in 1991, after studying Advanced Massage, including sports, remedial & acupressure techniques. She began a full time practice in 1995.

Working in a hospital environment, she became interested in trauma care & began researching material on pre-surgical care & post-trauma conditions, including oedema, scarred tissue & chronic pain. This led to further & ongoing studies in America. 
Today, she works with the body's soft tissues, its fluids, articulations, bones, muscles & viscera, using techniques which can be applied to almost any ailment.

She practises a specific Lymphatic Therapy also, strongly recommending pre-surgical treatment for its benefits to the immune system, while it prepares the tissues for the intervention, clearing the lymph passages before the post-surgical oedema. Additionally, the therapy assists in the treatment of many conditions including Fibromyalgia Syndrome (today approximately the third most common rheumatic disease), irritable bowel & oedema's of many origins. She also teaches appropriate therapies to allow women to continue a home-based, self-care programme.