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John Flynn Hospital and Medical Centre is a 262 bed private hospital located on Queensland’s Gold Coast. When opened in 1993 it offered a standard in hospital facilities not seen before on the Gold Coast. It is the largest private hospital on the Coast and arguably the most luxurious, with the remark "This is more like a five star hotel than a hospital" regularly heard. Many rooms have wonderful views of the ocean with others having picturesque bushland or garden outlooks.

Situated at Tugun it is only minutes from the Gold Coast airport, beaches and major tourist centres, yet set in an environment so peaceful that the healing process can only be enhanced.

Built specifically with patient comfort and privacy in mind, 190 of its beds are in private rooms, the highest ratio when compared with other private hospitals on the Gold Coast.

Luxury, privacy and spaciousness combined with caring, highly skilled doctors and nursing staff, using the latest in medical equipment, has ensured that John Flynn has become the "Hospital of First Choice" for many.

Fully accredited with the Australian Council on Health Care Standards, John Flynn leads the way on the Gold Coast in a number of health services. It was the first hospital on the Gold Coast to offer comprehensive Cardiac Care including open-heart surgery.

Our Maternity Unit was the first hospital in Queensland to receive accreditation as a "Baby Friendly Hospital". An accreditation awarded by the World Health Organisation, UNESCO and the Commonwealth Government.

We are also well know for our Oncology Services which includes a dedicated Oncology Day Unit and the only Radiotherapy Centre between Newcastle and Brisbane. A Haemodialysis unit was opened in 1999 and continues to grow on a daily basis.


Peter Henderson graduated from Aberdeen University in Scotland in 1971. He completed his residency in Aberdeen and commenced training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. After completing the specialist examinations, he moved with his wife and two sons to Brisbane to work in the University Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology for three years. In 1979 he spent a year (with the family) at Goroka Hospital in the Highlands of New Guinea. On returning to Australia (with a new daughter) he commenced practice on the Gold Coast and has worked there since.

For the last seven years Peter has been developing an interest in laparoscopic surgery, particularly in the areas of urinary incontinence surgery, hysterectomy, and in the last two years, endometriosis. During this time Peter has enjoyed the company of Professor Carl Wood and learnt a lot from him about the management of endometriosis during their joint operating sessions at the John Flynn Hospital.

Peter feel that the advent of the ECCA Gold Coast Clinic will give the women in our area their first opportunity to experience a holistic approach to their disease. He believes that the association of the clinic with the services in Melbourne and Brisbane will reassure patients that this new service is founded on solid ground and will be committed to quality care and to optimal outcomes.


Chris Margin graduated from Sydney University in 1973. He completed his two year residence at Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney. His obstetric and gynaecology training was at the Royal Hospital for Women in Sydney.

In 1979 he moved to the United Kingdom for two years postgraduate training. On returning to Australia Chris accepted a position as a VMO at Tweed Heads District Hospital and Tweed Heads Private Hospital at the southern end of the Gold Coast. In 1997 he moved his practice to the John Flynn Hospital at Tugun, Queensland.

Chris has always had a great interest in laparoscopic surgery and was among the pioneers in laparoscopic hysterectomies in Australia.
Regarding Endometriosis Chris feels that this has been an under diagnosed condition in the past with disappointing long term therapies. The advent of laparoscopy has increased our knowledge of the condition and allowed us to treat endometriosis more effectively with excisional laparoscopic surgery.

Chris is in practice at the John Flynn Hospital at Tugun on the Gold Coast, he is a member of AGES (Australian Gynaecological Endoscopy Society) and has been involved in several laparoscopic workshops at the John Flynn Hospital. In 1997 he spent a week in Jakarta promoting and lecturing on laparoscopic surgery



Clinical Coordinator

Sheree Taylor is our Clinical Coordinator of the ECCA Gold Coast Division. Sheree is a registered nurse and midwife with a wealth of experience in obstetric nursing.

More recently she has gained experience in surgical nursing including laparoscopic techniques. For the past seven years Sheree has also been the practice nurse practitioner for a specialist obstetrician & gynaecologist where her role has been the setup and management of a midwife services.
In her role as one of ECCA’s clinical co-ordinators Sheree is involved in the provision of information, education and support for women with endometriosis. Sheree is looking forward to the challenge and learning experience that this role will provide and being an active member of a professional team.


Chinese Herbalist, Acupuncturist

I first studied massage in 1977 and have since studied many different styles of this modality. My recent background is in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). I graduated from Acupuncture Colleges Australia Brisbane with a diploma of acupuncture in 1986 and the following year I completed the Batchelor of Acupuncture at the same college. While Acupuncture was the major subject studied, Clinical Nutrition was also a very large component. I have been in private practice on the Gold Coast since 1987I have since studied Traditional Chinese Herbs (TCH) extensively, graduating with a Diploma of TCH in 1994. I have continued to study with many very gifted teachers from China, America, England and Australia as I believe this field is a lifelong learning experience. I taught Chinese Therapeutics to 3rd year students at the Academy of Natural Therapies Gold Coast for three years 1996 to 1998 and in 1999 taught Chinese Food and Herbal Medicine to 1st year students at the same college. For 2000 I will be teaching TCH at colleges in Byron Bay and on the Gold Coast. I have also trained and taught QiGong, Tai Chi Chuan and Ba Gwa Zhang both in Australia and overseas for the past ten years. Co-authoring 2 books on Tai Chi Chuan and writing several articles on the use of these disciplines for the reduction of stress and symptoms in the treatment of disease.

I believe the treatment of any condition affecting health is best dealt with using a multi faceted approach where the whole person is treated, not just some isolated symptoms. With over 3000 years of clinical data to draw on, Traditional Chinese Medicine is uniquely placed to address your health problems.


Remedial Massage Therapist
Dip. R.M. Mem. A.T.M.S.

Rosemary is an accredited Massage Therapist at the John Flynn Hospital, Tugun, Gold Coast. She achieved her clinical experience working alongside an osteopath/chiropractor achieving a diploma through the Holistic School of Applied Science, QLD.

She has her own Remedial Massage clinic at Palm Beach, QLD. Rosemary is a valuable member of the Birthing Unit team, treating babies and mothers (sometimes fathers!).

Her role as a Massage Therapist has expanded to other areas within the hospital which include pre and post operative massage as well as all stress related problems. Sports injuries is another area where she has worked , with sports massage on people such as Mils Stewart and Steve Campion.



Naturopath A.N.T.A. Accredited) Dip. App. Sc.,Dip.Ther . Mass.,Reg. Nurse/Midwife. Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Iridology, Massage Therapy, Homeopathy, Lifestyle Counselling.

Nature has always held a certain awe and fascination for me, right from my childhood days in outback Queensland. After completing my general nursing and midwifery training, I worked for 15 years, mostly in country hospitals and remote areas where I was fortunate to meet many patients who inspired me by their belief in the healing powers of nature and living naturally. Gradually I became more and more interested in herbs and other forms of natural medicine, so after short courses in Iridology (Iris diagnosis), homeopathy and massage, I decided to study full-time what I truly love and believe in.

Since obtaining my Diploma of Applied Science in Naturopathy from the Gold Coast Academy of Natural Therapies in 1995, I have established clinics in Coolangatta and Fernvale.

My background in nursing and midwifery has helped me enormously, but the use of herbs, homeopathics, flower essences, massage, nutrition and lifestyle counselling opens so many new doors to healing. I am excited to find doctors recognising the benefits of working together with our patients, and understanding the importance of supporting, cleansing or correcting imbalances in the body as well as treating symptoms. While I was working as a midwife at John Flynn Hospital I found the medical and nursing staff to be refreshingly aware of the need for a holistic approach, and I am trilled to be once again affiliated with the hospital, in the area of women's health. I look forward to sharing with you my knowledge and my passion for achieving good health and vitality.


B.Phty M.A.P.A.

Wendy Handley is a accredited practising physiotherapist with many years experience in all aspects of Women’s health , including pre and post operative management, antenatal, postnatal, and paediatrics.

Wendy gained her extensive experience in the hospital sector and in private practice both interstate and overseas.

Recently Wendy has become a member of the Kvinno Centre ,a new clinic set up on the Gold Coast for pelvic floor rehabilitation. Wendy is looking forward to providing this health care option for patients with endometriosis and providing health education and health promotion.