A book for you, written by:
Dr Susan Evans, gynaecologist, ECCA Adelaide
Mrs Jane Marsh, nurse counsellor, ECCA Adelaide,
Dr Margaret Taylor, herbal and dietary therapist

Endometriosis and Other Pelvic Pain answers your questions.

What is endometriosis? Will I be able to have children? Do I need an operation? What treatment options do I have? Are there complementary therapies that could help me?

It explains what a laparoscopy is, what the risks are, and how to prepare for one.

Importantly, it includes information on other types of pelvic pain common in women with endometriosis. Your pain may be from the bowel, bladder, bloating, pelvic nerves, uterus, ovaries or muscles, rather than from endometriosis alone.

Endometriosis and other pelvic pain has practical advice on all these issues together with information on who can help you with each particular problem. By understanding your particular situation better, you will be better able to work together with your doctor at a treatment plan best suited to your individual needs.

How can I order a copy?

You can find out more about the book, or order your own copy by mail, fax or phone, from Dr Evans’ website at
You can also buy the book from your local bookshop. It is published by Lothian Books. The special number that makes it easy for your bookshop to find is ISBN 0 7344 0825 0

Each copy costs $29.95